Zamaraneans are golden-skinned humanoid people who descended from a feline-like race. They have the power to convert ultraviolet radiation into energy for flight with the females producing a distinctive contrail that seems to flow from their hair. Their eyes are green with the corneas a light green, but there are unique mutations of the red hair and green eyes. For example, Komi has violet eyes and lavender corneas, along with dark purple hair. Another is Rizer T'ntz, who has fiery yellow hair with topaz eyes and yellow corneas.

Zamaraneans have five or six stomachs and are known to consume food that most Humans would find unappealing. They also seem to have the ability to learn new languages instantly by means of "lip contact" (kissing). As they mature, young Zamaraneans experience a phase of "transformation", in which in some cases they may undergo temporary physiological oddities and enter a chrysalis stage, or in Komi's case, she turned purple for a week. The Cironielian Chrysalis Eater is a natural predator of the species during this stage.

Both sisters, Kori and Komi, gained the ability to fire "starbolts", beams of energy, as a result of experiments performed by the Creators. It is unknown if the other species are able to do that without experimentation.

Phsyically, they are similar to humans, minus the extra stomachs, powers, and the orange skin color tone. Kori had stated that Zamaranian Reproductive Systems are quite similar to humans, based on when she tried to mate her body with Isaac's as a form of compensation for everything that he had done for her.


Zamaranians traditionally worship the goddess X'Hal. They are ruled by their emotions and were renowned as excellent warriors. Zamaranians believe in the value of friendship. Friendship is honored in the Blorthog festival in which friends exchange gifts. They fear the Rekmas, the point at which friends begin drifting apart.

The Zamaranians are a passionate people driven more by emotion than reason. While they are unusually fierce warriors, their capacity for love is even greater than their capacity for hate; as a result, war and strife were for many centuries long forgotten on Zamaron. Instead, the people channeled their energies into creating a tropical utopia, a paradise where they could live in harmony with the wildlife and where battle skills were maintained largely for ceremony's sake.

It's also said they do not to believe emotions are a part of the sexual experience, recreational or reproduction wise. As their species are living solar batteries, they wear little to no clothing, and as times, have no modesty or qualms of being completely in the nude and not be bothered by it, which is shown when Kori is fully naked in front of an embarrassed Isaac.


Known ZamaraniansEdit