The New Order is the Empire that Thanatos is in command of. It is a galaxy-spanning regime established by Thanatos himself. their main goal is to harness the Creators' technology in order to create an unstoppable army to rule the known and unknown Universe. Their primary goal is to recreate the Monoliths: the control and generators of the Xenecromorphs. And to do that, they seek out Isaac Shepard, who unwittingly possesses the ability to create and destroy them due to his exposure to the Red Monolith back on Aegis 7.



  • Soldier
  • Riot Guard
  • Fighter Pilot
  • NO Commandoes
  • Fire Trooper
  • Rocket Trooper
  • Commanders


  • Drone
  • Guard Droid
  • Panzer Hound
  • Heavy Droid
  • Baltic Eye
  • Mr. Fist
  • Loader Droid


  • ​Thanatos
  • ​Emperor Julius Ikarus