The Eye of Odin is a superweapon the size of a small moon that orbits New Olympus.


The Eye of Odin was claimed to have been the creation of the Creators that gave the universe life. Legends spoke that the Creators and the inhabitance of New Olympus once fought one another long ago in an apocalyptic war. In that time, the Eye was created for this singular purpose of operating the machine to extinguish the world. During the battle, the Eye of Odin was activated ages ago by the people of New Olympus which dragged the Phantos System from a far dimension into the Universe. The myths spoke that the ancient civilizations ultimately destroyed one another in their war with their conflict being regarded as legends. Amongst the only fact known from that period was that the Eye had been used and legends spoke of it being used once more in an apocalypse. According to these portents of doom, the Eye of Odin would blink once more whereupon the path of the sky would open which would lead to the Phantos System becoming one. As a result, this machine became known as a legendary doomsday weapon and its control was said to reside in two princesses of royal birth who would become united as one.