There can be no light without shadow, and there is no life without death.

The Black/Dark Matrix (also known as the Death Matrix, or the Black) is the polar opposite of the White Matrix, and is housed within the Matrix Pyramid. It is the embodiment of darkness and death. Energy from the Dark Matrix is referred to as Dark Essence.

Effects of Dark EssenceEdit

On ElectronicsEdit

Any electronic device in close proximity to Black Essence will severely malfunction, and any that comes in direct contact with the Dark will gain life, but not sentience. The being created acts only on instinct, destroying everything around it.

On Cybernetic OrganismsEdit

If a cybernetic organism is in close proximity of Dark Essence, they will experience grate nausea and dizziness, symptoms that will only worsen more they stay within it's proximity.

On OrganicsEdit

If an organic is close to it, they will instantly weaken, an eventually faint. If they touch Dark Essence, they will die shortly after, unless they are injected with two different Essences. (Ex: Green and Blue)


The Black Matrix can also revive dead artificial beings. However, they are nothing more than empty husks, carving only destruction (similar to zombies). These beings are referred to in a whole as Cynecromorphs (regardless of what species they were before dying), due to the fact that they are technically the artificial version of Xenecromorphs.


The Host is a person that is just that: a host to the Black. They are living artificials that willingly inject themselves with Dark Essence, gaining tremendous power, and in exchange become hosts to the Black. They want nothing more than to kill and destroy, but also corrupt.