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Tarant is one of the Space Pirates known in the universe. He is also one of the main villains of Explorers of the Universe. He is first introduced as a humanoid pirate and is later turned into a cyborg.


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Endless VendettaEdit

Tarant is a member of the dreaded Dalma Guild, but the terror the organization holds over the galaxy is nothing compared to that wreaked by Tarant. He is captain of the Daidalos, and no prisoner brought aboard his ship tends to live very long. Though sadistic enough to pass up an easy kill to instill more terror in his prey, Tarant is a survivalist and cowardly at heart, using others (even his own subordinates) as a shield when plans go awry and he has to escape.

Tarant has a grudge against Isaac Shepard before ever meeting him, namely because the boy had unintentionally dismantled a war ship first entering the galaxy it occupied, tarnishing his family name. He attacks a destroyer transporting Isaac and amuses himself by stalking the boy while killing GP officers. Before Taant can decide what torture to visit upon him, Kala steps in to save him, allowing Isaac the chance to stab Tarant in the arm and escape. The pirate backs down for now, vowing to hunt down and kill Isaac for the shame he's brought himself. His later plans to use his ship, the Daidalos, to lead a small fleet into a direct confrontation with Isaac while on route to Primus, but Tarant is forced to retreat after coming under fire from the Falcon.

Shank has all passengers aboard a commuter ship killed, leaving a bio-droid as a sole "survivor" to be recovered by the Falcon. The infiltration succeeds and the ship's crew is captured, with the Falcon being swallowed whole by the whale-like Daidalos. Tarant taunts Kala and Isaac, gloating before returning the boy's knife to him through the chest. However, the setup itself was a ruse by the crew, with the supposed prisoners being dupes created by DRU and Rei. Off-balance, the Daidalos is mortally crippled when the Falcon opens fire from within the docking bay, and explodes as its captives break their way out of its hull. Tarant survives the attack, though the upper left portion of his torso and face (including his eye) are irreparably damaged. Scarred now with numerous metal accoutrements, he falls further from grace, upending his chances of commanding the newest flagship of the Dalma fleet.


He is bloodthirsty and cruel as a space pirate, feared by both the Galaxy Police and his peers. He has a habit of gloating and talking too much when he thinks he's won the battle.



Voice ActorEdit

Kim Strauss


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