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XJ-49031, or Sphere, is a levitating Artificial Intelligence, or more commonly known as a Ghost that is a small branch of a much larger A.I. of the Galactic Alliance given to the Galaxy Police. This particular sphere is a rogue separated from its owner on Aegis-7, but bonds with Isaac.



Sphere is rather calm and collected due to his A.I. origin. But he does have a bit to worry in him when the situation is presented. He'll often try to bring in a touch of sarcasm, indicating that he has a sense of humor.

He acts as Isaac's voice of reason when need be.



  • Levitation


  • Technology Fusion
  • Hacking
  • Ship Key Functions: With this ability, he is able to gain access and fucntions of any spaceships he can come across, making it easy for Isaac to pilot the Aphelion.


Voice ActorEdit

Peter Dinklage


  • Sphere was based on the Ghost from the Destiny Game, as well as Clank from the franchise, Ratchet and Clank.


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