In 2184, in the mountains of Scotland, an archaeological dig is being performed there. The leaders John and Martha Shepard discover a cavern with cave drawings of a man similar to the one in the past pointing the a constellation of stars. The confirms John and Martha's previous findings that the beings want them to follow them and begin preparations to do so.

One year later, in District 9 of New York City, the son Isaac Shepard and his cousin Gwen Tenalds had been left on their own with the robotic house maid ever since their parents went on the expedition in space on the Prometheus ship to Aegis 7 for the Wayward Industries corporation. They are going through the usually routine of him being scolded for avoiding school due to him wanting to avoid the school bully, Ken Heels, when they are visited by Christopher Samuels from Wayward Industries. He informs them that the Prometheus arrived a year ago and everything was good until a few days ago when they lost contact. He offers the two the two spots on the rescue ship to make sure that their parents are all right. Gwen and a somewhat reluctant Isaac agree to go.

One and a half year later in space, the Falcon and the Ishimura are on there way to the same coordinates that the Prometheus went to. In the Falcon's Hypersleep Chamber, Isaac and Gwen, along with Ken, and another named Jeff Carter are sleeping in the chambers waiting for the ships to arrive. The Falcon is being maintained by a female android named Rei 8 who spends her time looking into Isaac's memories with interest, along with watching old movies and reading old books when she is alerted that the ships had arrived at Aegis 7. She goes to first wake Meredith Vickers, an executive from Cerberus and then wakes the others.

Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Vickers


Explorers of the Universe Chapters

Prologue to Life - Search for the Prometheus - Landing on Aegis 7