Crew of the FalconEdit

Isaac ShepardEdit

When she first met him, she learned about him through his dreams from a device she used to keep the crew in check. She grew fascinated with him and his actions, even as such as him taking her with them after her programmed betrayal of the crew. He claimed she was still a member of the crew, and once her 'father' was killed, she became free to make her own choice. From that moment, her mind became flooded with strange questions on his actions, and her systems felt a little out of flux.

She thought she was malfunctioning, but learned from DRU that what she felt could have been the emotion that organics referred to as Love.

Rei became madly in love with Isaac, but she isn't his official girlfriend. Rei cares a great deal for the crew. She becomes a rival to Kala for his affections and later falls in love with him completely. Her feelings for him continue to grow stronger as the story progresses, especially after Isaac relays her true feelings to her ‘father’. She loves Isaac as much as Kala and needs him as much as she does. though others believe it can not be returned since she is a robot, she claims she will find a way to cross that barrier.

Gwen TenaldsEdit

She and Gwen have a mutual friendship at best. It's not to say they dislike each other, it's more along the lines of them able to work together very well. Though Rei isn't sure how to interact with Isaac's cousin at best, since the two are more the 'All work and No Play' type.


Zeev XylonEdit