The teens consisting of Isaac, Gwen, Ken, and Jeff are awakened from hyper sleep by Rei 8. Gwen is checking on Isaac when Ken begins playing the bully card, only to be stopped by Jeff and Rei 8. Later on, the captain of the Falcon Samuel Marek is eating and decorating a small Christmas tree when Miss Vickers walks in and reminds him that the mission briefing is soon while annoyed by his tree. In the mess hall, Isaac and Gwen are eating when Jeff joins them and asks if they know anything about what happened. They don't know either since the a clause in the contract stated that kids couldn't go for their own safety.

In the briefing room, the crew are greeted by a computer recording of the CEO of Wayword Industries, Peter Wayword. The recording talks about Rei being a daughter to him but not human enough to appreciate the gift of immortality and then goes over the reasons for funding the Shepard's expedition. The Peter recording ends and then a new recording with John Shepard and another scientist going over the belief that based on the findings of the Shepards that the human race was created by beings called Creators and the cave paintings contained coordinates to Aegis 7 from the Creators. They believed that it was an invitation from the Creators to go and see them. The recording ends and Miss Vickers reveals that message was from a year ago. The most recent one from the crew one year later was a distress signal that came in distorted with only one part making it through. The words "liberate" and "Me" which translated by Rei means "Save Me."

Later on, Gwen and Isaac were brought to Miss Vickers' room by Rei who wished to speak with them. As they look around her room which is considered a life boat, Miss Vickers makes it clear that if Gwen and Isaac find anything, alien or otherwise, they are not to engage and report strictly to her. She makes it very clear that the kids are employees here due to the situation on Aegis 7 and just how much was put into this venture.

In the helm, the crew are continuing to try and make contact with the Prometheus and Creators but continue to not gain results from it. They find out that the planet is high in C02 and can't venture out without a suit. While flying through the bad weather of Aegis 7, Isaac spots a landing strip which they used to land, and discover a large crescent moon shaped structure along with the Prometheus ship used a year ago. They then prepare the expedition to explore the structure despite having only six hours of day light left.

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Prologue to Life - Search for the Prometheus - Landing on Aegis 7