Kinetticans are a fast-pace species from the planet, Kinetca.


Kinetticans are slim human-sized aliens with blue slim bodies, that are similar to reptiles. They have long prehensile tails that are striped black. their arms end in three-fingered hands, two-toed feet,and have wheels on the back heel, enabling them to go fast and travel quickly. They also have green eyes, and they also have Their legs and elbows also have spikes on them.

Kinetticans have masks which can cover their faces on hoods or headgear with whatever they wear. They typically wear helmets, which are usually are black, long, elliptical, and pointed at the top. These helmets can have visors or glasses.

Their clothing is made of a material that can resist friction, which is good considering the faster they go, the more friction can build up on their clothes.


Kinetticans live their lives in a constant rush. They are gangly and naturally awkward.

Kinetticans are prone to acting without thinking.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Kinetticans are able to reach speeds of more than 500 miles per hour. This extreme speed comes from manipulating friction, enabling them to run up walls. Kinetticans can accelerate so quickly that time appears to completely halt to them.

Kinetticans are able to create tornadoes by generating a centripetal vacuum powerful enough to lift a spaceship, either by running in a circular pattern or spinning at high speeds.

Kinetticans have very high dexterity, able to type on keyboards or keypads at high speeds.

Kinetticans with claws can use them to cut through many materials.

Kinetticans' tails are strong enough to hold their body weight and more An example is when clinging to a wire.