The Galactic Alliance is the dominant governing body of the galaxy. Using Alpha Prime as its headquarters, its members are made up of a number of planetary governments that have agreed to co-exist semi-autonomously under one central democratic government. The Galaxy Police was created and employed as the galaxy's peace-keepers, maintaining exploratory, scientific, diplomatic, and defense functions.


Not much is known about the Galactic Alliance's formation, but it is suggested to be a recent development, as hinted at by Valkyrian, who used to travel freely and "ruled" space. The Galaxy Police might also be a recent development formed specifically by the Galactic Alliance to keep their borders safe, but whose responsibilities also extend to policing and maintaining peace within their borders.

Size and LocationEdit

There are suggestions of a "galactic border" and a "galactic fringe", which hints at there being boundaries.


The Galactic alliance is headed by the High Councilor.

Exploration and DefenseEdit

It's known to be defended by Galaxy Police. How long the Galactic Alliance used Galaxy Police for defense is never elaborated upon, and it is unknown if they have other organizations for defense; however, it does seem they rely heavily upon the Galaxy Police. Though they view the Explorers as a rogue band of privateers that can go where the Galaxy Police can't go.