On their way through the Bering Nebula, the Falcon come across a yacht ship that has been missing for nearly a week. With both the crew of the Falcon and the Destroyer, they encounter an unlikely but common enemy.


Amidst a cosmic storm, the Falcon is being piloted across the Bering Nebula by Isaac, and navigated by Rei. They are going through it, to an undisclosed location in the middle of the nebula by a distress beacon.

Earlier, the luxury cruise spaceship, Argonautica, is undertaking its maiden voyage. The ship is the brainchild of Simon Canton, designed to be the most luxurious passenger space vessel ever built, catering only to society's élite. Canton and the ship's captain, Atherton, discover a young woman named Trillian attempting to steal from the ship's vault. They lock her in a storeroom as the brig is incomplete. Soon after, a saboteur disables the ship's navigation and communication systems. A large object is then detected on the sonar, rising from beneath and headed towards the ship. It collides with the vessel, bringing it to a violent stop and leaving it dead in space, while the panicking passengers begin to be attacked by unseen creatures.

Soon afterwards, the Falcon accidentally collides with an escape pod craft shaken loose from the Argonautica during the commotion, causing severe damage. The Falcon manages to limp onwards to the cruiseliner, which is revealed to be the target of the Destroyer; they intend to rob the ship's vault and its wealthy passengers, before sinking the vessel with torpedoes they have brought along. Sooner or later, with both crews at each other's throats, the majority of the group transfer over to the ship while Billy remain on the Destroyer and DRU to conduct repairs. The others explore the abandoned ship, finding only blood and damaged superstructure. They also begin to hear screeches and ominous sounds on the ship. Back on the Falcon, DRU is violently dragged off ship, while Billy also disappears. Isaac, Jeff, Rei, and Salu go to the cruiseliner's engine room to scavenge the parts they need to repair the engines on their own vessel, under guard of Gladiator and Mamooli. Both are incapacitated by the creatures, but the members of the Falcon escape with the necessary parts. They run into Trillian, who has escaped from the storeroom and is unaware of what happened on the ship. They are quickly captured by the remainders of the Destroyers, who still intend to break into the ship's vault before leaving.

Characters/Creatures IntroducedEdit

  • Xenecromorph HIVE


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