Vital statistics
Age appears 17
Physical Attributes
Hair Neon Black
Eyes Dark Blue
Personality Statistics
Likes Training, Combat, Ken proving her worth as a warrior
Dislikes Feeling weak, vulnerable
Family Tree
Family Unknown
Other Statistics
Aurelia is a rogue Nephelliam from the planet Jehovia; the neighbor of Kala's former homeworld. Disgraced from her position as one of the Seraphem Knights, the highest rank of her warrior race, she was stripped of her wings painfully, but was taken in by Thanatos. Given new wings, she loyally serves Ken Heels as Knight aboard the Darksyde, and is a rival of Kala.


  • Name: Aureia
  • Age: appears 17
  • Species: Nephelliam
  • Hair: Neon Blonde
  • Eyes: Dark Blue
  • Likes: Training, Combat, Ken proving her worth as a warrior
  • Dislikes: Feeling weak, vulnerable
  • Family: Unknown



SIG SuitEdit


Aurelia's home planet is located in space sector 33 and is widely known for its beauty. Her people are avian by nature, possessing angel-like wings that allow them to fly through the heavens. Arelia had an aristocratic heritage and her beauty was great; because of this, and because of the constant (very unwanted) attempts by her mother to find her a husband, Aurelia was sought after by many suitors from numerous solar systems. Despite this, Aurelia was more than disinterested in any suitor who knew of her since she felt that they only wanted her for her famed beauty, her title and station, and/or her family's wealth. As a result, Aurelia refused to see anyone who came to pursue her, although this was much to her mother's displeasure, who longed for a grandchild to continue their family's legacy.

However, when a tall and powerful suitor ventured to Jehovia during the course of Thanatos's reign, he killed Aurelia's mother and took her captive, making her a slave on the sentient city, Ranx, which was used both as a base and training ground for Thanatos's soldiers. Aurelia was gang-raped on Ranx by the Corpsmen, and her so-called suitor and he soon permanently disabled her wings as punishment for her arrogance over those who could not fly.

While aboard Ranx during a battle, Aurelia attempted to commit suicide when she jumped out into space through a hole in the side of Ranx, preferring death over a life of slavery. However, her captor would not allow her to die so easily and forced Aurelia to kiss him, claiming he wanted "more" from her before he would let her go.

Thanatos, sensing Aurelia's rage from the rape and abuse she suffered, summoned him, killing her captor, and offered her to become more than what others saw her by serving him as his Angel of War, and in return, would give back to her what she had lost.

Accepting his offer, they gave her a pair of cybernetic bio-tech wings that matched her beauty.




  • Wings - Biological and later on Cybernetically organic:
  • Feather Projectiles


  • Swordsmanship Skills
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Wing Combat



Voice ActorEdit


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